The ultimate travel hack. Fly on standby.

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Save on your travels

Stay informed 24/7

Take control of your flight

Only pay when you receive flight confirmation

Book last-minute standby tickets just like an airline employee

As long as there's available space, save on your flights by booking ultra-affordable standby tickets

Get real-time updates about your odds to board the flight

When your odds are low, control your chances by bidding your way up in the list

No charges on your credit card until your flight's confirmed

What are standby tickets?

Airlines don't always get their flights full. Take a chance by reserving ultra-affordable standby tickets and fly just like any regular passenger as long as there's available space.

Perfect for:

Traveling leisurely


Visiting family & friends

Taking mini-vacations

Take a chance

Find open flights departing within the next 7 days. Get confirmation about your booking moments before departure - 24 hours or less.

"Because when we were kids, a Cape was all we needed to fly."

- Cape Team

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